Help your Customers Celebrate Special Occasions!

Help your Customers Celebrate Special Occasions!

In these difficult times it’s important to help customers celebrate special occasions. All of our lives have been turned upside down; physical distancing has affected the way we do almost everything from working, schooling and being with our families, to shopping and socializing.  But special occasions, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduations, will need some extra creative ideas to help make the celebration a success.  If you’re in the restaurant or retail business, you are in a position to offer a perfect solution.  Be sure customers know about your unique services by promoting your products and services on your phone messages and via social media.

Here are some ideas your callers might appreciate.

Magic Mother’s Day

This year why not bring brunch to Mom?  If you own a restaurant, offer your traditional Mother’s Day brunch meal.  Then add all those special touches such as dessert, mimosas and flowers delivered right to her home.

As a retailer you might want to feature gifts that make staying home a relaxing day for mom. Why not suggest books, gardening supplies, or comfy active wear?

Spa’s can also offer gift cards for when things get back to normal. But why not create special baskets with some favourite products that can be delivered just in time for Mother’s Day?

And don’t forget to remind callers that Moms always love personal/homemade gifts if they are part of the family unit. Or, if this Mother’s Day means they can’t be there in person to never forget the all important phone call.

Honouring Dads

Help your callers with gift packages for “the king of the grill” like a scrumptious meal kit complete with some special gadgets Dad might need for the perfect BBQ. 

Restaurants can promote e-gift cards; a great gift for Dad when he’s craving takeout.

There are many gift ideas retailers can advertise for Dads such as: grilling tools, sporting equipment, a car wash kit and online subscriptions just to name a few.


Celebrating Grads

The pandemic lockdown is hard on everyone, including students who had high expectations for their hard earned graduation celebration. Many parents would welcome ideas on how to let their child know how proud they are of their achievements.

Restaurants can advertise special graduation meal packages complete with a signature cake and decorations for a virtual graduation ceremony.

Promote products geared to the graduate that can be ordered on-line and delivered to the graduate’s door.  Why not offer a graduation “wish list” or “gift registry to make any grad feel extra special?

Don’t let your customers miss out on celebrating any of their special occasions these special days; if you have the means to bring your scrumptious meals or unique gift ideas to their doorstep during this year’s events, chances are they’ll be loyal to your business when things get back to normal. It all starts with their phone call to you, so let us help you make your callers feel appreciated.

It’s not too late…contact us today and let the expert writers at On-Hold Marketing create the perfect scripts for your greetings and on hold messages.

“Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach


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