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How Google+ is Helping Small Business

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June 18, 2018
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To Google+ or not to Google+……that is the question on many entrepreneurs’ minds these days.  The answer……if you’re looking for higher rankings in search results and want more exposure and traffic to your website, then you should definitely consider putting the power of Google+ behind your business – it has so much to offer in ways of connecting with customers and future prospects plus, its social signals (shares and +1s) can have a substantial impact on your search engine optimization and search volume traffic.

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Similar to most social networks, Google+ allows you to set up both personal and business pages. If you’re not already using Google+, or if you only have a personal page, the first step to promoting your business on this platform is to create a Google+ business page.  For businesses with multiple locations you can further improve your SEO performance by creating a separate Google+ business page for each individual store.

Social Media tools

For do-it-yourself marketers Google+ offers a full suite of versatile, easy-to-use tools that can improve your brand visibility considerably – tools such as: micro-blogging, video conferencing, hang-outs, on-air broadcasts, photo sharing, google maps and more. Posts can be spiced up with videos or GIF’s to add further weight to your SEO presence.

Google Circles

Another nice feature of the Google+ platform is that unlike Facebook or Twitter, where you post to all of your followers, Google+ allows you to selectively share what you want with whomever you want through specific circles. As a business, these circles might, for example, include current customers, potential customers, customers based on geographic location, business partners etc.

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Another positive point about using Google+ is that your profile is automatically connected to other popular platforms across the internet such as You Tube and Google search and, just like Twitter and Facebook, you can even use hashtags to optimize organic traffic to your website.

Online Business Marketing

Since it’s launch back in 2011, Google+ has somewhat taken the backseat in relationship to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but over the years, it has certainly found it’s place as one of the top social media platforms out there.   So, is your business ready to start reaping the benefits of Google+?  Let OHM Social Solutions help get you started today!  Whatever the size of your business, OHM Social Solutions can create, post and manage your social media content to the most popular platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Contact us for a quote today at!


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