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Best Gifts That On-Hold Marketing’s Mothers Received

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
May 7, 2018
Mother's Day gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and like me you probably don’t have a clue what to give your mom for Mother’s Day. You want it to be something special; you check the internet for ideas on gifts but come up empty handed. Every site offers the same boring ideas over and over again. This year I got a great idea! I asked the mothers at On-Hold Marketing what the best gifts were that they received for Mother’s Day. Below are some of their answers. Check it out!


Donna our marketing assistant says the best gift her 3 sons can give her is spending quality time with her on Mother’s Day.

Tammy in our accounting department says that the best gift her kids gave her was a chainsaw! Why? Because she likes to get her hands dirty while working outside on her property. Realizing that a chainsaw might not seem like an ideal gift for other mothers, Tammy also said that the second best gift she received on a Mother’s Day was a homemade dinner which included clean up too.

Joanne from the administration department, who now has teenagers at home, says that the best gifts were the ones that were hand made by them when her kids were little.  “One year the kids told Dad they didn’t need his help with a Mother’s Day gift so they wanted to get me something special, but without any money and not wanting to ask dad for help they wrapped up a can of stewed tomatoes and corn for me from the pantry. Gotta love them for the effort.”

Ursula our general manager says it doesn’t matter how old her kids get, she likes to receive handcrafted cards. “From the first stick mom with glued frizzy yellow hair, or a rendition of a cross-eyed son saying “thank you” in a glitter heart, to a recent beautiful artist-quality owl or an intricate origami rose…every single one of them is special.”

Carrie our production assistant loves when she gets home made cards and crafts, like a handmade pillow.  “But the best was when my daughter decided she’d make me breakfast in bed.  Her dad helped her with my coffee but she made the toast all by herself…with maybe 3 tablespoons of butter…YUP I ate it ‘cause I couldn’t break her heart…I think I felt the butter in my veins for a whole week after that, but isn’t that what Mother’s do!”

Brenda from our studio division says that two gifts were tied for best. The first was a gift from both her kids and husband; a gold ring with the children’s birthstones. The second was when her kids recreated an old photo of themselves and gave both pictures side by side in a frame.


Well it seems that the mothers of On-Hold Marketing like receiving gifts that have emotional value connected to them and considerable effort put into them.  They have given me food for thought this year.

Mom You Are The Best

Of course, if you are planning on giving your mother those traditional flowers, check out our last year’s Mother’s Day blog about the meaning of flowers.


Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” – Unknown