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Fun Facts About St. Patty’s Day

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
March 16, 2016
Happy St Patrick's Day

The top of the morning to you! It’s March 17th, but many people know it as St. Patty’s day! If you are Irish you are celebrating your culture’s pride and those who aren’t Irish (wishing they were) are celebrating too by wearing green, decorating with shamrocks and drinking pints of Guinness or green beer!

Did You Know?

Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about St. Patty’s day.

  1. The colour green is linked to the 18th century Irish independence movement and not the Saint himself. His colour was blue.
British Flag
  1. Patrick was actually British.
Chicago River Green For St. Patty's Day
  1. It takes 40 tons of green dye to turn the Chicago River green each year.
  1. Was once a dry holiday, because it was strictly a religious holiday. It became a national holiday in 1970, and then the beer began to flow.
Corned Beef for St. Patty's Day
  1. Corned beef has nothing to with grain corn, but to large grains of salt that help cure meat.
  1. It’s estimated that in 2012 $245 million were spent on beer to celebrate St. Patty’s day.
No Female Leprechauns
  1. In traditional Irish folklore there are no female leprechauns.
  1. Patrick actually died on March 17, 461 AD.
  1. There are more Irish in the USA than in Ireland. 343 million vs. 4.2 million.4 leaf clover - St. Patty’s day
  2. Your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000.


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We want to wish everyone a very safe Happy St. Patty’s day and the best of the morning to you!

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