General Questions

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  • What is on-hold marketing?

    On-Hold Marketing is a mix of music and information about your company that plays on your telephone system when you place callers on hold. People are generally receptive to hearing more about a company they’ve just called, so take advantage of this valuable marketing opportunity!   Music and message on-hold are a welcome alternative to silence, a beep or the radio; a solution that generates a more positive caller experience.

  • How does on-hold marketing help my business?

    Marketing on-hold turns silence into sales! It promotes the products and services you offer, helps present a polished, professional image to your callers, and in a pleasant and entertaining way, encourages callers to stay on the line until you return.

  • What is a phone greeting?

    Sometimes this is also called a menu, an auto attendant or an IVR (among other inventive titles). When someone calls your business, the call is answered automatically by the phone system. Based on your phone system’s capabilities, the caller is then able to choose from a menu of options, key in individual extensions, or leave a voice message.

  • My phone system comes with music, why is this better?

    All music is subject to SOCAN licensing fees. If your system came with music, it is likely a 10 second repetitive excerpt that is the same on every other business using that phone system.

    On-Hold Marketing Inc. ensures your callers will enjoy real music that is legal, right for the unique needs of your business, and entertaining for your callers.

Program Questions

Questions about what our programs and packages include

  • What is included in my subscription?

    At On-Hold Marketing Inc. we include everything you need from our studios right here in Canada: creative copywriting, guaranteed digital playback equipment or VOIP compatible files, licensed on hold music, professional voice talent, knowledgeable sound engineers. All you need is a telephone system with more than two lines.

  • How much does it cost?

    When you choose On-Hold Marketing Inc., a complete package is available for $595.00 per year, that’s less than $2.00/day!  There’s no extra charge for use of playback equipment or .wav files as required by your phone system. We even offer quarterly invoicing at no charge for easier budgeting.

  • Is there a discount for multiple locations?

    Yes. On-Hold Marketing Inc. is pleased to offer a significant discount to additional business locations using the same production at each location. Need a slight variation? Want to include the addresses and hours? It just costs a fraction more.

  • What kind of music do you offer?

    We have a large library to choose from with ever-changing samples for you to listen to on our samples. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just talk to one of our script writers for additional selections.

  • Are there multiple voice options to select from?

    Yes. On-Hold has a wide variety of voice talent to choose from. Check out our samples.

  • Who will record the messages?

    On-Hold Marketing Inc. engages broadcast-quality professionals who can provide an extraordinary range of reads to reflect the image your company wants to portray. Check out our samples.

  • Do you provide scriptwriting services?

    Script writing is always included in our on-hold packages. Our professional scriptwriters will call you to discuss your goals and answer any questions before beginning to write your script. Don’t have time? Not to worry! We can get started with info from your website.

    We’ll give you an opportunity to review everything before it is recorded, allowing you to make any changes if necessary.

  • Do you offer bilingual recordings?

    Yes, French recordings are available in our “bilingual” packages. Check out the French section of our samples page. We also offer most other languages and can provide samples upon request.

Technical Questions

Questions related to phone systems and their setup

  • Will the On-Hold service work with our telephones?

    YES! As long as you have a phone system on-hold will work. Our service includes playback equipment, .wav files or any other type of files formatted to work with your phone system. Have a VoIP or cloud based system? Absolutely!

  • How does the equipment hook up to my telephones?

    Playback equipment is connected via a patch cord to the music-on-hold port of your phone system (located in your phone room).

  • What is a good menu tree?

    Whether your system is a simple voicemail menu, or a complex IVR system that navigates callers through a large number of options (such as updating accounts, ordering services and paying bills), the goal is to ensure the options are efficient and easy to follow; simple and familiar.

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