Enhance Your Presentation Slides with Audio

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The fear of boring your audience with a slide presentation may be your worst nightmare, but you know it really is the only effective means to get your point cross. You’re determined to make a great impression with a professional and captivating presentation, so you’ve remembered to keep it short – no more than 20 minutes – simple, easy to understand and meaningful.

Enhance your presentation with audio.

You’ve created beautiful slides with the help of PowerPoint or one of the other slide programs.  You’ve even gone to the effort of sourcing quality stock photo images, inserting just the right graphs and adding some eye-catching captions.  But…you still have to deliver that speech; you’re nervous and worried that you’ll mess up.  Take it up a notch! Contact On-Hold Marketing, the business audio professionals, and let us enhance your presentation with audio.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using the slides as a prompter to read to your audience. You could have just forwarded a PDF file. A slide presentation should be a visual aid. It’s meant to support your message with words and images that involve and engage your audience to make the selling or learning process interactive.  Here’s where audio can play an important role. Why not introduce your show with some music (licensed of course) and a strong, effective professional voice?  Your audience will be engaged to hear more and excited that you’re not running a typical meeting!

Slides trigger an emotional reaction

Remember, slides should trigger an emotional reaction in the audience. Although some text can be effective, don’t mess up that response by distracting their attention with a bunch of writing. Simply add a professional voice to hit the key points and you’ve captured their interest. The voice should never take over your presentation though, or be prominent on every slide. It should help support the most important elements of the presentation with high quality, noise-free sound. If your presentation lends itself to humor, it’s the perfect tool to break up “the speech” and keep your audience focused.  Be sure you get it right with a professional voiceover though. Nothing deflates the meeting quicker than a joke gone bad.

Giving a slide presentation is a huge responsibility. Whether you’re advocating a new idea to colleagues, teaching a new product or trying to persuade clients to buy into your proposal, a properly designed slide presentation evokes an effective call to action. Every slide you make is a chance to make your project look appealing. It’s a reflection of your brand’s image and credibility. Let us add the finishing touch with audio that makes your presentation shine.

The entertainment is in the presentation.” – John McTiernan

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