Enhance eLearning with Audio

What is eLearning and how can professional voiceover make it more effective?

eLearningE-Learning, or electronic learning, is effective employee training. It can also give customers important information about products and provide education on everything from medical devices to complex installations. Due to their increasingly hectic pace of life, most people want on-demand, “now” training that can be accessed instantly, 24/7 on any device with Internet access.

In the workplace, it’s an incredibly flexible way of learning and training.  And, it has become crucial to the success of individual employees contributing to the well-being of entire organizations. Of course, a key ingredient to enhancing the quality of your eLearning presentation is to add voiceover.

Why add Voiceover to your eLearning?

An effective voice will provide your online learners with a memorable and exciting eLearning experience that they won’t soon forget. Studies have shown that the human brain absorbs and retains audio learning much more quickly than visuals alone. So it goes without saying that giving your eLearning course a voice offers a wide range of advantages. A professional voice will boost user engagement and knowledge retention. And, since the goal of eLearning is to educate, part of the challenge is to retain the learner’s attention and avoid “zone-out syndrome”.

Voiceover eLearning

Why hire professional voice talent?

Your voice over must be carefully created to offer real value to your eLearning experience. Don’t let the audio steal the show with a monologue though. It should be a learning aid allowing the audience to more effectively absorb the content and boost knowledge retention. The voice should draw attention to key points on screen, give real world examples or ask thought provoking questions. Professional voice talent uses their voice as an instrument. They know exactly which notes to hit to grab the learner’s attention, keep it for the duration of the lesson, and get your message across. Our studio ensures there is no ambient noise and that the delivery is a smooth, high-quality audio feature for your presentation.

Why does it matter?

An added bonus…using great voiceover and audio in your eLearning products will reflect positively on your organization. And, it will definitely impress your learners with your company’s professionalism.  Of course, a positive impression always has a positive impact on your bottom line!

Can we help?

The simple answer is yes we can! On-Hold Marketing offers a wide range of professional voice artists that can meet any type of branding you are looking to present to your learners. You can listen to our voice samples or contact us and we can help you get started with professional sounding eLearning experiences.

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