Don’t Make Your Phone Recordings a DIY Project !

When every penny counts it’s tempting to consider making your phone recordings a DIY project! But before you get started, take a look at just some of the effort that goes into creating messages that impress your callers and give your business that leading edge.

Don't Make Your Phone Recordings a DIY Project!

It takes an experienced team of professionals

You could give it a shot…or you could call On-Hold Marketing and save yourself a lot of time and frustration, not to mention a result that’s bound to be less than professional. After all, it takes an experienced team of professionals to create effective marketing messages. With On-Hold Marketing you get a whole team…the consultants, the writers, the voiceover artists, the studio engineers, plus the sound booth and the licensed music that turns your hold line into an important marketing tool.  Sound like way too much work?  The perfect reason not to make your phone recordings a DIY project.

Take a closer look!


  • phone consultation with you or your team to determine how best to showcase your business and get callers interested in asking about your products and/or services


  • you already have sales people who know what sells (but can they do it in just seconds?)


  • experienced writers who know your industry
  • a variety of voice talent chosen from a pool of professionals who are able to deliver your messages in a clear, upbeat and friendly tone that captures the caller’s attention


  • someone you know is an English major with excellent essay-writing skills…maybe they also have a great voice and can read flawlessly.


  • a sound-proofed recording studio outfitted with the latest professional equipment that makes all the difference
  • an engineer who puts it all together by editing out any errors (after all even professionals need to repeat phrases). Plus they blend in the music to hit the perfect harmony, and the list goes on. The result is always a balanced production that appeals to your callers.

Don't make Your Phone Recordings a DIY Project!


  • a closet might be something to consider. If it’s filled with clothing you already have some sound proofing, just add some pillows and make sure the floor is carpeted to absorb sound waves.
  • do you really need an engineer? You can always play back your recording and re-do it if it’s not right, even if it takes dozens of times.

 Music is key


  • On-Hold Marketing has done all the work to ensure the music on your hold line is legal.  Not only that, our team can help you choose a piece from our library that works with your brand.


  • it may be easy to find great music, but ensuring it is legal to use is a challenge many people don’t even think about. Check out this website to make sure the music you’re using won’t result in a hefty fine:

Your reputation is on the line

Seriously though, there’s a chance you could do it yourself and there are sites that can help, but is your reputation and image worth it?  You won’t save any money, the results probably won’t be as pro as they should be, and the time and effort are undoubtedly better spent on running your business.

Easy to set up, easy to maintain and completely affordable…contact us today and enjoy professional messaging within just a couple of days.


“I can not do everything, but I can do something. I must not fail to do the something that I can do.” —Helen Keller




Don’t Make Your Phone Recordings a DIY Project! – Copyright On-Hold Marketing Inc.

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