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Gain instant credibility with your customers by promoting your business regularly and consistently. Give your callers a reason to stay on the hold line. It’s one of the easiest ways to develop your business and attract new customers!

Most often the first contact between a caller and your business is your company phone greeting, so why not make it sound great. That first impression can influence your caller’s decision to do business with your company or turn to the competition instead. Let On-Hold Marketing help you attract customers. A clear and concise customized phone greeting conveys the professionalism of your company because it gives you more credibility. And, it lets the caller know how important their call is to you.

Attract business with the right script

Our scriptwriters will educate your callers and promote your business through a custom-tailored message. It will ensure that everyone knows what specifically makes your company different from others. This is your chance to share your background, insight, and information about your business, your products, and your services. For example, you can answer typical questions such as hours and location. Mor importantly, you can let them know about current promotions, in-stock products or special services that you offer. You have a captive audience, the perfect opportunity to market your business. So, don’t let their hold time be a waste of time…for them and for you.

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Effective marketing at an affordable price

As a Canadian-owned and family operated company for over 30 years, our standards are as high as yours when it comes to on-hold messages. Our goal is to help you attract customers, develop your business by marketing and advertising your ideas to your targeted audience. On-Hold Marketing’s rates are affordable even for small businesses (less than $2 per day). Our service is easy on the budget, easy to set up and easy to maintain.

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Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt

Add some life to your phone system

We can help you add some professionalism to your auto-attendant system or better market your special offers to callers who are waiting on-hold.

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