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02-19 You Deserve a Unique On Hold Message

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January 29, 2019
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Your Business Or Service Is Unique, So Why Not Your Telephone Hold Line?

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I hate to talk about snow at a time like now…when it’s the last thing we want to see or hear about.  But I’ve heard that every single snowflake is absolutely unique from any other snowflake, just like we are as human beings.  It’s a pretty awesome thought!  I’m sure you’d like to think of your business or service as unique too…am I right?  So what makes you stand out from the competition?  You must have thought about all the ways you are different and would like to showcase your company and services as such.  One of the ways you can show a little creativity and individuality is in the way you present yourself to your callers… with an “only one of its kind” On Hold telephone message! 

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What makes it so different from any other is that you are the captain of the ship when it comes to deciding the content, style, music and even the voice that delivers it all (with the help of our scriptwriters of course).  Sure, your competition may have something on their hold line, but with On-Hold Marketing, you are the one directing what goes in your program and you can be as creative as you choose to be. It can showcase your sense of humour with a witty script, give you a very professional image by going ultra-business-like and formal…the sky’s the limit…whatever you want to portray to your callers, whether they’re your existing clientele or potential ones that you want to make a great first impression on.  Think of it as a way to show your business’ personality while highlighting the services you offer, your vision, mission statement…basically everything that’s most important to you. 

Creative & Typewriter

If you want to freshen it up several times a year, you can do that and the best part is, we will do all the work for you.  Our talented scriptwriters will do all the creative writing, unless you are a writer who has been waiting for this chance all your life!  And of course, you have the final say as to what gets recorded… all we need are a few ideas, the info you want us to include and presto!  You have a one of a kind message that’s as unique as you are!

Learn more reasons why a one of a kind message from On-Hold Marketing can help your bottom line of your unique business at -us/benefits/.

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You are one of a kind and you have something great to offer.” – Unknown