Choosing a Voice: Putting a ”Face” To Your On-Hold

Female voice announcer

Now that you have had our scriptwriters craft the perfect script for your On-Hold production, the next step in the process is to choose an announcer to voice it.

The right voice can make all the difference in getting the point across to your caller and making that “connection”. Putting the proper “face” or “personality” on your message will help callers relate and be “tuned in”, and most importantly inquire or retain your information.

Here are some factors to consider when creating a “face” for your production:

  1. Female or Male Announcer: Does your business lend itself better to the softer sound of a female voice for a lighter delivery? Or the edgier sound of a male voice? An interesting fact: On-Hold Marketing customers choose a female to male announcers in a ratio of 3:1 in favor of females.
  2. Tone: Bright and cheery or reserved and conservative? High energy or pleasant and friendly? The tone of the read will help callers “feel” the message as well as hear it.
  3. Speed:  Delivery of the script is key to getting your important information to the caller. A fast pace can convey excitement for the product. But you want to keep it a bit slower when relaying important information like directions or e-mail addresses. A slower read is also better for that toll-free number they are copying down. On the other hand, a caller who is waiting in a queue for a longer period of time will appreciate an upbeat read.
  4. Audience: Know your audience. If a caller is contacting a call center with an issue, they are less receptive to an announcer with a higher or vibrant pitch to their voice. If you have a younger audience, a deep or commanding vocal style might not be the right choice to captivate your caller. The “face” of your audience (smiling, frowning or otherwise) should determine the “face” of your message.

The voice that relates to your callers

These are a few things to keep in mind in choosing “the” voice that relates to your callers. When you have put the perfect “face” to your message, your callers will be more in tune with the message you are conveying.

colourfuy music notes

If you have any requests on how you would like your script to be read, just talk to your scriptwriter before your script goes to the studio; we always welcome your input. Please check out the demo page on our website at; you’re sure to find the perfect complement to your production among the many voices to choose from. Or, if you prefer, ask us to recommend an announcer we feel will suit your script.

Once you pick the right voice, the next step is to pick the right music. Check out our other blog on how to pick the best music for your phone message.

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” – Malala Yousafza

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