On-Hold Marketing Celebrates 30 Years

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We have been working hard over the last few months and now we would like to welcome you to our new revitalized website! And just in time to celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

Our journey started out in the basement of Bill Coville Sr’s house 30 years ago. The invention of the world wide web was still several years away and computers were cumbersome and prohibitively expensive. Very few companies had even heard of the concept of music and marketing on telephone hold lines. A new vocabulary of words like smartphones, blogging, and social media was not in our conversations back in 1987. In fact, the only way to communicate was in person, via snail mail or by making a phone call from an office telephone. It’s mind-boggling to realize the advancements of technology and how far society has come in our ability to enhance and improve communications.

Dedication to customer service is key

At the core of On-Hold Marketing, we believe in honesty and providing a top-notch product.  Of course, our competitive pricing remains a key component.  Our staff is the backbone behind our 30 years of success.  It is because of their dedication, hard work and excellent customer service (always delivered with a smile), that we are celebrating 30 years of on-going customer relationships.

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We’re proud to say that we still serve many of the companies that became our customers all those years ago.  Through modern technology we can now deliver state-of-the-art productions electronically which results in quick turnaround. This is definitely a huge improvement over couriered loop tapes.  Not only was this a long process, but tapes were played on ordinary tape recorders. Needless to say they became a tangled mess if anyone hit the rewind button!

We hope you enjoy our new website at www.onhold.on.ca. It’s filled with great information. If you are our customer, thank you for your most valued business! If you’re not our customer, why not give us a try? Please feel free to ask for a free sample.


Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

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