Business English Instills Consumer Confidence

What is business English and how does it instill consumer confidence? Business English focuses on language that is delivered in a familiar accent using words and sentence structures that are professional yet easy to understand.

It’s human nature to choose the path of least resistance. Business English Instills Consumer ConfidenceSo when we hear speech peppered with sophisticated lingo, industry specific jargon and uncommon acronyms, we may not understand.  When the speaker has an unfamiliar dialect,  is talking too quietly, or is hard to hear because of background noise, it is a signal to our brain that something is wrong.  Callers will quickly tune out or worse, misunderstand the information.

For example, if you are trying to help “youth in Asia”, an awkward sentence or a change in emphasis, together with muffled sound, could have callers hearing “euthanasia” instead.  Sounding professional on the phone, that is, using business English, will instill consumer confidence in your products, your abilities and your skills.  Don’t risk losing marketing efforts…let us help.

On-Hold Marketing has the solution

At On-Hold Marketing our professional writers have studied sentence structure for the most comfortable flow.  They have experience in scripting your on-hold messages and voicemail menus so they’re easy to follow, giving your callers confidence that they’ve called a reputable business.

Our speakers deliver the message with a neutral accent. They record in a relaxed and friendly tone to put callers at ease. And our studio ensures there is no background noise to distract the caller from comprehending your information. It’s in the best interest for your business to make communication more effective, so contact us today for a quote.  You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to make a good impression!

How does Business English improve sales?

First of all, clear speech eliminates misunderstandings. Secondly, people will take you more seriously when your correspondence is error-free and professional. Studies have shown that using business English enhances people’s evaluation of the intelligence of the speaker and their confidence in the business. And, there’s a simple explanation for this…our brain is very adept at being predictive.

How does our brain process communication?

Business English Instills Consumer ConfidenceIf you sometimes have difficulty understanding what is being said, you’re not alone.

The brain has a harder time processing unfamiliar accents and mispronounced or unusual words because we are unable to anticipate the next word or phrase. This results in our brain working much harder to find the closest match. In other words, it takes more mental effort.  We find ourselves trying to figure out what was said while the conversation keeps moving forward. Because our brain cannot process the speech quickly enough, we start tuning out and don’t really hear the message, let alone comprehend it.

For business, the negative  side-effect is that our subconscious mind mistakes this lack of ease for evidence that the information is incorrect and the speaker does not know what they’re talking about.


Reinforcing confidence in your business using professionally recorded messages is a savvy business strategy. Reaching out to On-Hold Marketing also makes it easy on the budget!

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Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about. Benjamin Lee Whorf


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