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Benefits of Twitter for Business

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August 22, 2017
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We all know how popular Twitter is among celebrities and athletes…but how about for businesses? With the right approach, Twitter can be used as a powerful tool for your business, large or small, and help you stay connected to other companies, employees, business partners, and more importantly…your customers. Here are some major benefits of using Twitter for your business:

Brand awareness

Increase brand awareness: Whether you’ve got a hot new product on the shelf you want to promote; daily or monthly specials; an employee of the month you want to give a shout-out too; or a new blog or video to promote…This is your chance to not only build your brand, but drive direct sales! Show off everything you have to offer while also livening up your image. Tweeting about your company gives your followers a sense that you’re more than just a supplier of goods or services, and that your company also has a unique personality!

Industry Trends

Researching industry trends: In case you didn’t know, Twitter is a marketing platform where people come together, mainly to share information. Just search anything related to your business or industry and Twitter will pull up dozens of links to websites or blogs. This will help you stay on-top and up-to-date with the most current trends within your industry, as well as even see if other activities or successful strategies have worked for others! Not to mention, you can even check out your competitors!

Website Traffic

Drive website traffic: In today’s society, your website presence is all that matters nowadays. By using Twitter, you can catch your customers’ attention with special offers, promotions, or announcements like contests! The more attention you get, the more you’ll also be able to boost your visibility on search engines.

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Strengthen your connection with customers: Since Twitter operates in real-time, and depending on how quick your responses can be, you can really “be there” for your customers…whether they have a question, comment, or need help with something. When you provide instant feedback about your products or services, you show your followers that you care enough to communicate with your customers and that customer service and their satisfaction are a top priority.

Bird tweeting

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Twitter is my bar. I sit at the counter and listen to the conversations, starting others, feeling the atmosphere.” –  Paulo Coelho