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Bad Customer Service Experience for a First Time Flyer

posted by onhold in "Tips & Info"
August 26, 2014

Imagine being a first time flyer! Just to be safe, you’ve booked with a large airline, in business for many years. You’re a bit anxious; a bit nervous; and very excited. After all everyone’s flying… and you’ll get to your family reunion in a just a few hours instead of spending your first vacation day travelling.


Then…just a week before you’re scheduled to fly you are notified that there’s been an itinerary change. Your airline has been switched from Air Canada Jazz to Air Canada Georgian. You call in a panic…why is this happening? You’re told that they could not fill the original plane so you’ve been switched to a smaller one. And, by the way, your seat selection that you’ve paid for is no longer valid. Panic sets in and you try to get back on a larger plane but you’re told…sorry, there are no other flights going out that day…you have no other option!


Apparently this is a frequent occurrence when travelling to eastern Canada– you book your flight on one plane and are unceremoniously simply switched to a smaller one…no refund, no accommodation on another flight! They have your money, so take it or leave it.


In order not to ruin everyone’s vacation you put on your brave face and march through the security line with everyone else, thinking maybe it’s not as bad as people say. Then you see the plane…the city bus is bigger!! We had to duck to get through the door! My husband was barely able to get his seatbelt to fit, (but then he was wedged so tightly into his seat he did not really need one). It was a very noisy, very rough, white knuckle experience.


SO WILL I EVER FLY WITH AIR CANADA AGAIN? NO!!   And everyone else who has had the same experience should join us in vowing never to fly with them again! You didn’t pay for a cheaper flight; you didn’t take advantage of a flight sale. Put in a complaint so they stop this. If they choose to book the smaller plane, they should have to divulge that information upfront, prior to the booking, and let us make a decision on whether we will book with them or look elsewhere.


– Donna


“Airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror.” – Al Boliska


photo sources: Wikipedia, Google maps and Huffington Post