The Art of Writing Good Copy

Writing good copy can make the difference between adequate entertainment and an amazing marketing opportunity. Is your hold message all it can be? Having “something” playing on the hold button while callers wait has become the norm. But did you know that your hold line can be an efficient and cost-effective sales tool?

It’s not about getting as many products as you can into as short a time as possible… yes, the goal may be telling an interested audience about products or services that might help them…but it’s also about making your caller feel like their time on-hold was productive. They will remember the positive experience when their call is answered…and the next time they want to call someone.

The right words can increase your persuasiveness; they can make your information interesting and encourage the caller to inquire for details. Every word should be relevant.  Attention spans are limited, so scripts that are short and to the point ensure your message is heard. Words and sentences should be simple, never be complicated or repetitive, and ideas should flow. But, that doesn’t mean your text should be bland.

The most powerful words are sensory words, words that make your listener see, hear, smell, taste, or feel.  Sensory words make your copy more memorable and persuasive because they require more brain processing power than ordinary words. To seduce your caller to buy from you, appeal to their senses. The right words let them imagine they are holding your product, experiencing your services or working with you.

For example: “It’s winter! Let us make sure your furnace is in top condition. Ask about our maintenance plans before it’s too late.”

Versus: “With the wind whistling fiercely and snow slapping at your face, it’s a comfort to know your home is warm and cozy.  Our maintenance plans will ensure your furnace is one thing you never have to worry about.”

copy has power

Choosing the right words is not always easy; it takes practice, an effort to pay attention to unique and effective words, time to collect words and phrases that engage your senses and a knack for making the words flow with perfect rhythm.

If you appreciate the beauty of language, why not give it a try? Or, let us do it for you. At On-Hold Marketing, our scriptwriting team strives to create copy that engages your callers, while at the same time respecting your request for certain content.


I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.” – Emily Dickinson




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