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An Amateur Can’t Do A Perfect On-Hold Message

posted by Tony Asta in "Tips & Info"
October 2, 2019
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The Perfect On-Hold Message is Not Created in Your Nephew’s Basement

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One of the most common things that happens in today’s internet-provided, instant information at your fingertips world, is the idea that the key to doing any task is just a YouTube tutorial away. This may be true for swapping out a battery in your car’s key fob, some tips for mastering your Excel spreadsheet, or perhaps baking the most incredible Shrek shaped cupcakes you have ever seen, but it isn’t the answer to everything.  In most cases, experience, knowledge and the professional edge can make the difference between a project that is obviously a D.I.Y. effort and a result that is perfection.  This statement is truly the case when it comes to your On-Hold message.


Some of the most common things that we at On-Hold Marketing hear from potential clients are:

“My nephew (we will also accept brother-in-law) can do this in his basement! We are going to get him to do it.”

“Our receptionist has a pretty good voice; she is going to give it a shot!”

“We are going to do this in-house; how hard can it be?”

“Our I.T. guy could probably do this; he can just read one of our flyers on the system…I think?”

The answer to all of these statements is a resounding… Why?!?!

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Your business phone is the first contact with a customer or client and first impressions do count. Why have a less than professional greeting and a perfect On-Hold message be the first point of contact with anyone calling your company? When it comes to any of the above potential creators of your messaging, you have to ask yourself, is “Good Enough” or “Better than Nothing” the image I want to portray when someone is making the first contact with you?

We don’t change our own tires. We don’t re-shingle our own roof. We don’t do our own plumbing.

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Why? The reason is that we don’t have the time or the specific skills and know-how to complete the job the way an experienced professional can. Anyone who is great at what they do can make the end result look easy. It’s the details that make the difference. And when it comes to your On-Hold message and greetings, the devil is in the details.

If you are falling into the “basement solution” trap, ask yourself these questions:

“Does my receptionist, nephew, brother in law, or IT guy have the right voice to properly represent my company in the way I want, and can they deliver a read in a professional, concise manner that exudes confidence to a current or potential client?”(If the answer is no, you need a pro announcer with just the right voice.)

“Is the music that is backing our message in line with the branding of our product and services? Is it legal to use and not from someone’s C.D. collection or plucked from a presumably “safe” source on the internet?” (If the answer is no, then you need to be able to choose from a great extensive library and be sure that your choice is covered for proper licensing to avoid any liability for unforeseen royalties.)

“Do I have the time and skills to write a proper script that can perfectly reflect my company and the products and services we offer?” (If the answer is no, then you need professional writers to create the right words to connect with your callers.)

“Do I know how to record, mix, master and get my message up and running on my system sounding the best it can be?” (If the answer is no, you need a professional studio and tech support that knows the parameters of phone systems and can help you complete the process.)

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Of course, you can try to go through the trouble of creating your own message; but, is saving a few dollars really worth it? Your time, reputation and image are worth a great deal more.

At On-Hold Marketing we can create the perfect On-Hold message and greetings for your system.

Easy to set up, maintain and completely affordable, you can leave all the do-it-yourself hassles in “the basement” where they belong.

 – Tony


Just in a professional world, sometimes a phone call is definitely more meaningful than a text.” – Kevin Harvick