Advertise Your Company with an On-Hold Message

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Advertise your company with a warm, professional sounding on-hold message.  It will peak your caller’s interest and give them important snippets of information relevant to your business.

Have you ever checked to see what your callers hear when they are put on hold at your company?  Hopefully…not a mono-tone beeping sound, and above all else, definitely not a radio ad featuring your biggest competitor. Not too sure what you’d say?

Here are some hold line ideas

Maybe your business hours and location, a quick overview about the services you offer, or those special products or programs that you think may be of interest to your listener. Does your company run several promotions throughout the year? Do you partake in fundraising ventures? Do your services change with the seasons? Are you relocating, expanding, renovating…or perhaps all three? These are things you definitely want your customers to know about, so why not advertise it while they wait on hold?

Use Audio Marketing to Advertise

Of course, you should also include some pleasantries to let your listeners know that you value the fact that they’ve called your company and that you appreciate their patience while holding.  Depending on demographics, you may even wish to have your message recorded in more than one language. Or perhaps you may want to engage your listeners with snippets of trivia or product news. And don’t forget to incorporate  music throughout the message.  It’s also a great opportunity to direct them to take action, such as signing up for your newsletter or connecting with you on social media, or maybe invite them to leave a review on your website.

In those few seconds that you need to put your caller on hold, you can accomplish so much. Turn silence, radio static or beeping on your hold-line into a budget-friendly marketing tool. Advertise your company with the perfect on-hold message. The best time to start…is right now.  We will be happy to get you started on your professional on-hold message for your company. Contact us for a free sample and quote

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.” – David Ogilvy

Add some life to your phone system

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