On-Hold Advantages

An On-Hold program on your hold line has more advantages than you might have considered:

* positive caller experience ( and all the advantages that generates)

* the opportunity to market your company (and the resulting unexpected business).

*Get started today!

Your caller is interested about you! Tell them more.

What would you want to hear if you were waiting on-hold? How long would you wait? …

If there is absolutely nothing?

  • Why not take this test: set your alarm for 30 seconds…then do nothing until it goes off.  Did you nod off? Would you question whether your call was maybe dropped?  Would you hang up? And would you call back?

What if you hear a beep?

  • How do you feel? Agitated? Frustrated? Like it’s a complete waste of your time? Like the customer service at the company is really bad?

Or, that annoying tune that repeats every 10 seconds!

Wouldn’t you rather hear information about the company you called? Specials they may have, or useful tips? Using on-hold time as an opportunity to turn wasted time into productive marketing time is a smart business decision…whether you own a small family business or are in charge of marketing and customer service at a large corporation!

It just takes a few seconds waiting on-hold for a caller to:

  • choose to wait for you to get back to them…or
  • hang up and go to the next company listed in their on-line search.

Those few seconds can seem like an eternity when a caller is bored or annoyed, but, the seconds fly by if they are entertained with interesting information about your company; maybe a product they did not know you sell, a service that sounds like it’s just what they’re looking for, or some information they’ve been trying to find.

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On-Hold packages include:

  • playback equipment
  • .wav or MP3 files formatted for your telephone equipment
  • creative writing
  • licensed music
  • professional talent
  • professional consultation
  • reminders that work with your marketing plans
  • quick turnaround

It’s one of the most inexpensive marketing tools available; it takes virtually no time on your part, and best of all…it creates a positive caller experience, so your callers know they’ve called a reputable business that values their time and is eager to provide excellent customer service

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