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Activities for May 24 Weekend

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
May 13, 2019
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Canadian Activities That Everyone Should Do At Least Once On A Victoria Day Long Weekend


Long Weekend Activities

Finally!! The first long weekend of the summer is here!!! I think everyone in Canada is ready to celebrate the good weather and enjoy free time with family and friends. I have compiled a list of common activities that people like to do during the May 2-4 weekend.



The highlight for many people is the fireworks displays that happen during this long weekend. The colourful pyrotechnics against the night sky elicit happiness from the youngest to the oldest who watch the display. Check your local municipality’s website to find out when and where the closest fireworks display near you is.


Friends Camping

While many campsites opened in April, Victoria long weekend is the unofficial start to the camping season. We are lucky to live in Canada where we have many national, provincial and private parks to camp at. From glamping to backcountry treks, our country offers an unforgettable, truly Canadian activity.  Make S’mores, hike, swim, canoe, geocache; the list is endless and the memories made priceless.


BBQ Party

One of the more delicious activities you can do during the long weekend is to have a BBQ with family and friends. Nothing brings people together like scrumptious grilled food.



The warmer weather brings the festival season with it. This country is filled with different types of festivals ranging from music to kids, to food to art. You are sure to find one that suits your interest and gives you a great day out.



By the time the May long weekend rolls around the fishing season is open for many different species. This is a great bonding activity to do with your kids (cell phones turned off); it will always be a fond memory. I still cherish my memories of fishing with my dad during the early mornings in the summer.

Going for Ice Cream

Ice cream

As Canadians, we love our ice cream all year ‘round, but there is something wonderful about eating mouth-watering, locally-made ice cream sitting outdoors basking in the new spring sunshine.

Road Tripping

Road tripping

Sometimes the best activity is to simply jump in the car and see where the open road takes you. We have a stunningly beautiful country and it’s fun to take a drive and just explore. See quaint towns, discover natural landmarks, or visit historical places.


Which activities have you already done from this list and which ones are you still planning to do? It doesn’t matter what activities you pick when you share them with family and friends they will brighten your days with fond memories for years to come.


On-Hold Marketing will be closed Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day, giving our staff the opportunity to partake in activities with their family and friends. The company will be back to its regular hours on Tuesday, May 21st.


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson