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5 Tips to Answering the Phone for Small Business

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October 26, 2017
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Despite the popularity of online everything, the telephone is still a vital tool for every business and service, regardless of the size. How you answer that phone is especially important for small businesses.  It gives a potential customer their first impression of your business and will have a big influence on their receptiveness to doing business with you.


Here are 5 tips that will help your business sound professional to every caller.

paper and pen

Phone Answering Tip #1:  Keep a couple of working pens and a pad of paper close to your phone, so you can write things down quickly if needed. Nothing spells incompetence quicker than someone cursing their pen and asking the caller to “hold on a moment while I get a pen”.

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Phone Answering Tip #2:  Mention your business name when answering the phone so the caller knows that they have reached the right place; plus, it never hurts to reinforce your company name.

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Phone Answering Tip #3:  Always answer the phone quickly; try to answer it before the third ring. Callers get impatient very quickly and might just hang up before you get your opportunity to talk to them.

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Phone Answering Tip #4:  When taking down information during a phone call always read the information back to the caller to confirm that it’s correct, especially when they’re reciting an e-mail address, your only link to providing them with more information.

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Phone Answering Tip #5:  Always answer the phone with a smile.  Yes, you can hear a smile! And service with a smile is something that is very valuable in our automated world.

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 – Bill


And when your phone rings, pick it up. Open yourself up to the possibility a phone call offers. Discover this remarkable device called the telephone. It will give you a serious competitive advantage.” – Dan Pallotta