4 Reasons AI On-Hold Messages Are A Bad A-Idea!

In an era of emerging automation and AI, businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, and curb costs. One area where AI has gained traction is in creating on-hold messaging. While the idea of a D.I.Y. solution might seem appealing at first glance, there are several compelling reasons why this can be the worst solution for your business. Here are the most important 4 reasons AI on-hold messages are a bad a-idea:

Lack of Personalization

A bad A-IdeaOne of the most significant drawbacks of AI on-hold messages is their lack of personalization. These messages are often generic and impersonal, failing to capture the unique voice and personality of your business. Callers are greeted with robotic voices and cookie-cutter scripts that do little to engage or connect with them on a personal level. In contrast, a personalized on-hold message crafted specifically for your business by a scriptwriter that gets to know you and the ins and outs of your company, can convey authenticity and sincerity, making callers feel valued and appreciated and be more on point with the image and atmosphere that you are trying to project.

Inflexibility and Limited Customization

AI on-hold messages offer little flexibility or customization options. Once the system is set up, making changes or updates to the messaging can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This lack of flexibility can be frustrating, especially when you need to convey time-sensitive information or promotions to callers. With a D.I.Y. AI solution, you’re stuck with the limitations of the system, unable to adapt or tailor the messaging to suit your business needs.

Poor Quality and User Experience

A Bad A-IdeaDespite advancements in AI technology, the quality of AI-generated voices and messages still lags behind human counterparts. Robotic voices and unnatural cadences can be off-putting to callers, detracting from the overall user experience. These voices will more than often fail at getting specific pronunciations and or inflections correct, especially with the services and products that are specific to your business and industry, leading to misunderstandings or confusion. A poor-quality on-hold message with mistakes and a clunky delivery, reflects poorly on your business, giving callers a negative impression before they even speak to a live representative.

Limited Branding Opportunities

Your on-hold message is an extension of your brand and should reinforce your identity to callers. However, AI generated on-hold messages offer limited branding opportunities, often lacking the ability to incorporate your brand’s unique elements, such as its tone of voice, mission statements, or memorable taglines. As a result, callers may not make a connection between the on-hold message and your brand, diminishing its effectiveness as a marketing tool and being the audio “welcome mat” of your business. A D.I.Y. AI solution simply cannot replicate the branding opportunities afforded by a professionally crafted on-hold message written by a professional scriptwriter and voiced by an experienced announcer.

While AI technology has its place in the business world, D.I.Y. AI generated on-hold messages are not the solution for businesses looking to enhance the customer experience and prompt caller engagement. These messages lack personalization, flexibility, and more importantly the opportunity to connect, resulting in a poor and impersonable experience for callers. Instead of relying on AI, businesses should invest in professionally crafted on-hold messages from On-Hold Marketing Inc. that capture the essence of their brand and engage callers in a meaningful way. After all, when it comes to customer communication, nothing beats the human touch. Contact us today so we can help you create the perfect messages for your company.


“In the long term, artificial intelligence and automation are going to be taking over so much of what gives humans a feeling of purpose.” -Matt Bellamy



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