3 Reasons Your Hold Line Sounds Bad

Frustrated with sounds

Are you frustrated with the quality of your phone when you put callers on hold?

Take control; don’t have callers listen to static, repetition or garble when you’re asking them to spend their valuable time waiting on-hold to do business with you!

Three of the most common problems with sounds:


Playing the Radio

Your favourite radio station seemed like a great idea…no cost! Most phone systems are in the back of a building or the basement with concrete walls blocking reception, so often your caller will hear static or the station will fade in and out.

Solution: It’s time to invest just a tiny bit of money on a professional on-hold system. It’s a business strategy well worth the investment since it not only is more appealing to the listener, it also promotes your product or service instead of having radio ads compete for the limited cash callers have. Plus, did you know you need a SOCAN license to play the radio on your phone line?

Canned Music

Your new phone system comes with free music…unfortunately, it’s only 10 seconds of tinkling that is repeated over and overdriving your callers crazy.

Solution: Music-on-hold usually requires a license from SOCAN. Because this can be expensive phone systems tend to come with a snippet of royalty-free music. Do your callers, and your business, a huge favour and order some music from a reputable on-hold supplier (ensure that you receive a written warranty that you are covered for all applicable fees).

Custom Production

You have a professional recording. It sounds great when you play it on any media…except on the phone line. The recording sounds “muddy”, is too loud or not loud enough, the voice is distorted or crackly… in other words, it just sounds awful.

Solution: The recording is likely not formatted correctly. Since each brand of phone system uses a different formula to accommodate the narrow bandwidth available for telephones, the recording must be adapted to create a perfect fit. Your phone manual should have the exact formula and your provider should be able to make the adjustment.


Need help? The studio is set up to provide the correct format for all phone systems and VoIP applications. We also offer a licensed music library and experienced script writers for your hold line messages. Plus it’s easy on the budget with complete packages available at less than $2.00 a day.

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