10 Questions To Ask An On-Hold Message Provider Before You Buy !


As with anything we buy, cost is one of the key factors when choosing an On-Hold provider. Of course, you want a good product and the assurance that you’re buying from a reliable source.  So, it’s good to know that, when it comes to On-Hold providers, the old adage that “you get what you pay for” does not always apply.  In fact, you can get outstanding service and excellent quality at a fraction of the price. Like the quote by Warren Buffett, “Price is what you pay: value is what you get”.

Be sure to ask the On-Hold Message provider these 10 essential questions before you buy!

10 Questions1.      What is included in the quoted price?

Be sure to get a detailed description in writing. Do not assume that all providers offer an all-inclusive price and that everything you need is included.

2.      Can you provide me with a custom audio sample/demo?

Getting a sample of your selected voice and/or music in the format that works with your phone system is a clear indication that you will be satisfied (or not) with your purchase.

3.      What are the steps from when I buy until my program is ready?

Be sure to ask, “what’s next?”

Will the On-Hold provider contact my team?

Will a professional write my script or help with my menu tree?

Will someone help me make voice and music choices?

How long will it take until my recordings are ready?


4.    Where is the service provider located?

Do time zones and distance make a difference in turnaround?

Is the accent of voice artists acceptable for your customers?


5.    Are there any additional costs?

Be sure there are no hidden costs or surprises. Always ask:

Are all royalties for talent and music covered with the service?

Is the music being used licensed?

Are all featured voice artists included in the cost?

Is there an additional cost for script writing? Is editing included?


10 Questions

6.    Is conversion to a different format included?

If I change telephone providers, will I be charged to convert my production to a compatible format?

7.    How do you deliver the finished recording?

Is uploading my files to my phone platform included?

Are productions available on a secure online app?

Can I simply get the completed production e-mailed to my in-box?


8.      Do you archive my content? Is there a charge?

It’s good to know that if anything happens to your program, or you need to retrieve a past recording, if your On-Hold provider will have it archived and easily accessible.  Be sure to ask if they offer that service and if they do, whether there is a charge.

9.      What kind of support do you offer?

When you choose your On-Hold provider check out their website and google reviews to make sure they will still be in business when you need them.  Ask whether they provide reminders when it’s time to update your program, or if it’s up to you to remember. Are they available during business hours? Are you entitled to unlimited phone consultations with your representative, or is there a cost?

10. If I need to cancel for any reason, what is your lead time and liability?

Does the contract stipulate a fixed term of service?  Does it guarantee the price and service level?  What happens if I miss the cancellation deadline?

Some providers promise more than you will actually use… and charge a whole lot extra.  Be sure to consider whether you really need all the bells and whistles.  On the other hand, many providers only include the very basics and charge for add-ons. So, make sure your agreement covers everything you need to make your phone system not only become the efficient tool it should be, but also reflect the excellent customer service you strive to provideAt On-Hold Marketing, our all-inclusive price really is all-inclusive.  We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with a competitive quote!



“Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good.” – Danny Kavadlo


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