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Less Than 10 Days Of Christmas Shopping Left

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December 13, 2016
Christmas Shopping

Less than 10 days to go ‘til the big day…the stores are bursting with decorations and those “last chance”, “only while they last” and “best ever sale” signs. The checkout lines are long and the aisles are bustling with frantic shoppers trying to find just the right gift.

Yes, we all know that Christmas is on the same day every year….December 25th … Ho Ho Ho!!    Yet, we still manage to say:  “I can’t believe it’s here already.”

Christmas to do list

Have you checked off every last item on that long (and ever growing) Christmas list? Or are you a procrastinator pretending you love that last minute rush, one of those last minute, grab anything shoppers making a mad dash to the mall on Dec 24th? It’s not the gift but the thought that counts…right?

Sold Out Sign

Don’t put your holiday shopping on hold any longer or you will be missing out on that special gift for that special someone…..the only thing he/she wants… and by the look of the “sold out” sign…that’s what everyone else wanted too!

Online Shopping

So…what are you waiting for…get on it right now…in your pyjamas! There are really no more excuses; just open your computer and let the internet work its magic while you sip on your special Holiday coffee! No more fighting the crowds or searching store after store until sore feet and frustration turn you into the Grinch.

Out of ideas…..that’s me, every single year for me!  Grabbing (or ordering) that last minute gift that will probably never be used….but at least I have something to wrap!

Gift Ideas

Hold on!!  Why not be practical, make it easy on yourself; give the gift that most people are happy to receive…the famous “gift card” or “lotto pack” (hope they will share if they win).  They might even get lucky on Boxing Day at the BOGO sale! Who doesn’t like to shop for themselves and not have to put out their own money!

Ah, ah, ah…now doesn’t that feel good!

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