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5 Reasons to Update Your Hold Line and Freshen-up for Spring!

Spring Cleaning

Warmer weather and sunshine is on it’s way (I know from experience), and with that comes the unexplained urge to open all the windows and let the fresh air in, and everyone’s favourite…Spring Cleaning!  Ok, maybe not everyone’s favourite, but it’s certainly a great time to purge, freshen up, organize and clean up all areas of our lives, not just our homes.

Lady on Phone

Do you have a message on your telephone hold line at your place of business that could use a little makeover?  Here are 5 reasons you should update it for spring:

1. Keep your callers up-to-date! Do you have something to promote or perhaps a new product or service to offer?  Whether it’s an event or upcoming sale, having the information available in your    hold message will keep people in the know!

Spring Hours

2. Have you moved or changed your hours? Then it’s a perfect time to update your message!  Some people prefer to call rather than look up the information online.  This way you’ll give them the details while they wait for the next team member to take their call.

3. An up-to-date “spring has sprung” message makes you look more professional. Being current shows you are on top of things and your business is organized and reliable.  Nothing new to promote?  A simple change of talent or more energetic music will give the caller something new to listen to! 


4. It shows you care about your business. Think of it as maintenance.  How you sound to your callers is very much like the impression you would give with a well-maintained appearance.  A great on-hold message may just be the reason your caller flags your business with a positive review.

5. Why not? If it’s offered to you as part of the service, why not take advantage and use it as an opportunity to keep your callers informed, interested and coming back for more!


Contact the staff at On-Hold Marketing and let them do the dirty work of spring cleaning your hold line by creating a brand new phone message for the spring season for your company. It’s just that simple! www.onhold.on.ca/contact

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Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.” – Gustav Mahler

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