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04-19 Heard it On-Hold for Car Dealership!

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February 25, 2019
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Woman driving a car

Last Monday I was driving along without a care in the world approaching a set of stop lights; I hit my brakes and there it was, that awful squealing noise.  So much for my weekend getaway…time to have the brakes done! 

Woman on her cellphone

I called into the nearest car dealership to book an appointment and, of course, I was put on-hold.  I just sighed…here we go waiting on hold in silence, listening to the beep, those boring few bars of music over and over or static on the radio.  To my surprise, I was listening to some pleasant relaxing music and being informed of some specials this car dealership was having.  An oil, lube and filter deal was being promoted while I was waiting on the line.  I did need an oil change very soon. So, why not book that too while my car was already in the shop!

cars in a dealership

The dealership seemed to be very busy so I was on hold long enough to also hear of the new cars they were advertising.  Wow, the vehicles they were promoting sounded amazing.  Hold on, I thought…I should look at trading my car in for a brand new SUV while there’s 0% financing.  This was a great opportunity to upgrade my car with no interest payments for 5 years.

cars getting serviced

The service hours mentioned on hold were very accommodating to their customers – I didn’t realize I could bring my car in the evenings and even Saturdays.  Plus, they have a shuttle service that would drive me to work when I dropped my car off in the morning and pick me up again to get my car once the service is done.  If I had not been put on hold, I would not have known any of that.  It’s really made up my mind that I should become a loyal customer.

I got to and from work that day with ease…thanks to the dealership’s shuttle service. 

Handing over the keys to a new car

Guess what else…….I also bought that new SUV!!

As it turns out being put on hold ended up benefiting me as well as the dealership.

On-Hold Marketing can get those benefits working for you in no time. Contact us at  for a quote and a demo.

– Tammy


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