How it works

Our simple process makes it easy for you

The script

Our professional writers call you to discuss your unique business features and then create a script for your approval

Voice & music

Click on our samples link to choose the ideal voice for your business and select the music you’d like callers to hear

Studio recording

Our engineering team records the script, puts it all together in our state-of-the-art studio and formats it for your phone system

Finished product

In just a couple of days callers hear the perfect blend of music and messages that showcase your products and services

Market your business with on-hold messaging

Increase your organization's bottom line

Enhance your brand

Those first seconds are critical to your callers’ perception of your company. When callers are treated to a pleasant and informative greeting they are more likely to feel confident they’ve called a company that can meet their needs.

Reduce hang-ups

Give your callers something interesting to listen to and they’ll stick around longer! On-Hold Marketing means no endless silence, no static radio, no boring, repetitive music. Let us design the perfect on-hold solution for you today.

Increase sales

There’s more to on-hold marketing than caller entertainment. Your message generates brand recognition, strengthens customer loyalty and provides a valuable marketing opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.

“I can always count on On-Hold Marketing’s top-quality recordings and excellent service. A special thanks to Tammy and Tony for always going above and beyond!”

Experience the benefits of on-hold messaging

Easy to navigate menus and professional on-hold programs are an inexpensive solution to ensuring a positive caller experience – the key to customer satisfaction

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