Text-to-Speech Services


Your presentation has just cost a lot of time, effort and money – why not make it sparkle with the addition of sound! Check out our demo page for a wide range of professional voices to choose from. Make a lasting impression, emphasize the key points, or simply keep the audience interested.

Ask us how we can help to make your presentation a sensation!

Call 1-888-466-4653 – we’re fast, efficient, accurate and affordable.


e-learning…the latest form or education for your staff, or your customers…what a great idea! So many people just retain information better when they have a chance to see a slide presentation or video…of course it is important to add the audio as well. It may look great, but how many people will actually read…and understand it?  Make it easy on yourself.

Let us add a professional narrative…a very affordable option that eliminates hours and hours of your time. Your viewers will thank you for the clear, pleasant voice that helps them “get-it”.


What attracts surfers to your site? Take the leading edge by adding sound! Make your site come alive with voice-overs, music and sound effects! Add a little or a lot – it’s up to you! Give us a call – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective and affordable it really can be!


Spice up your newsletter with sound! Give your subscribers a break; let them sit back and enjoy listening to your information. Call 1-888-466-4653 .