Is your hold line productive?

Switch to Professional On-Hold Messaging

Professionally recorded messages mixed with pleasant music has more of an impact on your business than you may think.

What do callers hear while they wait on the hold line? Even just a few seconds on hold can make a difference in your caller’s perception of your business and whether you will be The Company that will meet their needs.

coin But what does it cost?

Choose On-Hold Marketing…a complete package is available for less than $2.00/day!

Once you consider the alternatives (radio, silence, beep, repetitive music) you’ll be convinced that On-Hold Marketing is a sound solution! Improve the quality of your customer’s telephone experience…and, take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity at the same time.

Replace Silence

Callers who hear nothing but silence become bored quickly; they may even think they’ve been disconnected and hang up…boring businessman on phonewill they call back? Even one hang-up per day can cost your business thousands of dollars per year!

In fact, 50% of callers who hang up will call the competition.  And, the ones that do call you back are starting with a negative experience…not a good place to start earning their trust and their business!

Replace Radio

radio2Playing a radio may be entertaining, but it gives you no control over what your callers hear. Don’t subject your caller to the static frequently encountered by radio reception inside buildings. Don’t risk controversial topics, demeaning jocks, offensive banter, or even…an ad for your competitor! In fact, an ad for anything is competition for the caller’s cash.

Plus did you know that a SOCAN license is required for performance fees? Even when you’re “just” playing a radio on your hold line?

Replace Canned Music

cannedmusicNo one wants to wait on hold! Sometimes there just is no alternative…you don’t want your caller to hear office banter while you’re looking for their file, so pushing the hold button on your phone is definitely more professional. But hearing the same 3 bars over and over can drive anyone away!

Custom on hold messaging is proven to reduce hang-ups by two-thirds! Keep callers entertained with interesting info about your products and services, tips and industry updates…and let them know that you value their business and their time.

Replace the Beep

beep  A headache waiting to happen….we don’t even need to talk about how annoying this one is!