We do all the writing!

S C R I P T S   T H A T   S P E A K   F O R   Y O U

Don’t know what to say? We’re here to help! Our scriptwriters bring over 50 years of combined copywriting experience, creating scripts for thousands of companies in hundreds of industries, from small-businesses to multi-national corporations.

Our scriptwriters are committed to writing clear, creative, and informative copy so that your On-Hold Message provides the best first impression and leaves your caller feeling like they’re engaging with a business they can trust. We will consult with you to offer unlimited scripting ideas and ensure we meet your marketing goals. We are here to accommodate you and help your company stand out!

O N E  S T E P  to  G E T    S T A R T E D

Our online “Script Info Form” is a helpful template for you to enter some details and information about your business to give our scripting team a starting point from which to create your customized On-Hold message.

Our scripting team will contact you to discuss your goals and objectives, and answer any questions before writing your script. Within 2 business days, you’ll receive a draft of the script. Then any changes or final touches can be made. Your scriptwriter will be happy to accommodate and make any revisions.

Have no time to chat? Have no worry.

Just let us know with a quick e-mail. We can get started with details from your website and/or compile info through research on the latest news and promos within your business industry.

Once the script is approved for recording, you just have to choose the music piece and voice talent from our online demos.  That’s it…your script is on it’s way to our studios for recording.

QUESTIONS? Give us a call any time at 1-888-466-4653