Professional first impressions

Take a moment to call your own business.

  • Is your greeting making a great first impression?
  • If you were a new caller would you stay? Or leave?

Phone menu … auto attendant … IVR … voicemail … call greetings … whatever you call them, the bottom line is … it’s the welcome mat at the front door of your business!

Make it Professional, Easy to Navigate, Welcominghand shake

On-Hold Marketing’s all-inclusive menu recording package includes:

  • consultation and script editing,
  • English and French voice talent,
  • studio time,
  • editing,
  • formatting to your specifications,
  • archiving, and
  • dedicated customer service delivered with a smile from our team of professionals.

I want to say thank you to you and Brenda for your continued support and the exceptional service you provide…and especially my team. Every request including last minute requests always exceeds our expectation for quality and turnaround of service. Brenda and I have a great working partnership and she is always approachable and gracious, a truly valuable part of your team. Your team makes my job stress-free knowing you support us! Thank you again and look forward to a long working partnership.

– Colleen 


  • Use a single professional voice for all menu prompts
  • List the option first, and the extension number second
  • Keep commands consistent in all your menus
  • Talk to your I.T. tech or service provider and learn the capabilities of your system 

Whether your system is a simple voicemail menu, or a complex system that navigates callers through a large number of options (such as updating accounts, ordering services and paying bills), the goal is to ensure the options are efficient and easy to follow; simple and familiar.

Need another language? Don’t subject your caller to unprofessional (and often times incorrect) foreign language recordings.  It tells your caller that you really don’t respect their language. We offer translation by professional translation services, and recordings in most languages.

Auto Attendant

What is an Auto Attendant? g_ivr

Incoming calls are answered automatically by the phone system. Based on the system’s capabilities, the caller is then able to choose from a menu of options, key in individual extensions, or leave a voice message.

Here are some examples:


Corporate Greetings and Voicemail

Already subscribe to our services for your on-hold messages? For a professional and seamless caller experience, let our professional voice talent record your voicemail messages, company greetings or menu tree too. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to create a professional welcome message.



Compatibility & Formatting

Our experienced engineers can provide the right format for any telephone system. 

Our professional studio offers the latest technology to convert any audio file to the format required by your system.

Our quick turnaround and friendly, helpful consultation ensures that the results meet and exceed your expectations.