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5 Reasons Why your Business should be Using Facebook

With over 1.8 billion users on Facebook alone, chances are, you not only have a Facebook account, but you’ve seen the ads on Facebook promoting businesses, services, products, and more. It is seldom you will find companies advertising only in print (newspapers, magazines, etc.)…companies are using every media resource possible to keep up with the […]

What Do I Need To Get On-Hold Marketing On My Hold Line?

What you need to get started Everyone has heard music and information while waiting on hold. But what do you need to get it there?  Basically all you need is a telephone system with an activated music-on-hold (MOH) port…. that’s it!   How do I know if my phone system has a music on hold […]

Fun Facts About Rabbits & Easter Hours

Easter is this weekend. As we spend time with family, let’s hope the weather will be lovely. That way we can spend time outside enjoying nature. Nature walks are great for everyone in the family young and old alike. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to work off those calories from your Easter dinner! If you […]

Spring Is Here At On-Hold Marketing!!

Put the winter blues ON HOLD….it’s spring time! Spring is a wonderful time of year. Smell the flowers? Hear the birds? Feel the glorious sunshine? The snow and frost melt, making way for greenery to grow and encouraging creatures to awake from hibernation. Spring has sprung!! When April comes around, we no longer have to […]

The Importance of Infographics

Infographics is probably the hottest word in the web industry right now. So what are they exactly and why do we need them?  First, let’s discuss what infographics are.  The word “infographics”, is the combination of two words….information and graphics, so quite simply put, an infographic is a visual image, such as a chart or […]

St. Patty’s Day and Fun Facts About Ireland

Friday is the second best day for St. Patrick’s Day to fall on. I’m sure you and many other people will be wearing green and heading to the local bar to partake in some green refreshments.  It is a great way to relieve the work week stress and celebrate all things Irish. Although we are […]

Social Media Terms You Should Know

I don’t know about you, but just when I feel like I’m getting a “GRASP” on today’s social media terms or acronyms, a new social platform appears and along with it more new terms. Social Media continues to grow very rapidly whether we want it to or not.  Are we expected to keep up with […]

Our Clients And Canada Top 100 Employers

Canada’s Top Employers national competition has now entered into its 18th year. If your employer’s head office or principal place of business resides in Canada, then they are eligible to be part of the competition. There is no restriction on the size of a company or whether it is in the private or public sector. […]

Telephone Technician & On-Hold Marketing

Whaaat – the phone’s not working! I’m going to lose business. Who should I call?  Your first go-to company is probably your telephone service provider, (such as Bell, Rogers, etc).   Chances are they’ll say sorry we cannot help.  Panic sets in. Now what?   4 reasons why it is important to have your telephone fixed […]

Family Day And Creating New Traditions

Having a long weekend in the middle of winter is a great moral booster and a bit of a reprieve from the winter blahs. If you’re in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Ontario, this Monday is Family Day. What do you have planned? If your family is fortunate enough to get a paid holiday on Family Day, […]

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